LEGO Dictionary

This page is our ever growing LEGO Dictionary.  LEGO bricks have a unique terminology that can be confusing.  This LEGO Glossary is an ever growing list of all the different terms you might encounter.  Just like any hobby, there is LEGO Jargon that might be unfamiliar to you when just getting started, so I made this list of terms to help you.  As you dive deeper into the cult of LEGO, you will meet people using these different terms. You may see them in Instagram comments, or on Facebook fan pages, or perhaps in person at a convention.  Don’t worry, ready through this list a few times and you will soon know all the LEGO Terms there are!

I’ve sorted this LEGO Glossary alphabetically, with both basic and advanced terms mixed together.  I also include basic facts about LEGO brick dimensions and LEGO building techniques.


AAFOLAdult Female Fan of Lego – See AFOL
ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This is the plastic that LEGO uses to make most of their parts. It is a high gloss material that can be molded and has a grip and clutch power to connect the blocks and elements together. It also meets the high standards for safety, longevity and durability that LUG has established.
AFOLAdult Fan of LEGO. (pronounced A-Foal)
AHOLAdult Hobbyist of lego. (Pronounced like that bad word)
ALEAdult Lego Enthusiast
AmbassadorA LEGO Ambassador is generally the leader of a LAN. An official title bestowed by the LEGO user group.
Anti-studThis is generally the bottom of the brick. The female receptacle that a stud fits into.


Baby BowA Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs element. Named the baby bow because it is the smallest piece in this size.
BaseplateThinner than a plate, baseplates are often larger in size (32×32 studs) and used as the foundation for a build. They have no Anti-studs.
BigFigA larger Minifig – like the HULK, or a Wampa
BignetteA lego scene that is larger than an vignette.
BillundBillund Denmark is where the corporate headquarters for LEGO is located.
Blay/BleyBluish Light Grey – a color that was introduced around 2004 replacing the traditioal grey. The introduction of this color created quite a stir in the LEGO commnity and people either loved or hated this color.
Bram SphereA brick built lego ball.
BrickA brick is 3 plates tall and at minumum 1 study wide. The most iconic element is the red 2×4 brick with smooth sides, 8 studs on top in 2 rows of 4, and anti studs on the bottom. More specific than element.
Brick BuiltAlso known as Brick Made, this is an item that may have a dedicated lego element, but is instead built with bricks and elements. A good example is making a shark out of parts vs the pre-cast LEGO shark.
BrickshelfThis was a LEGO specific website used for sharing photos. While still abailable online (at time of this writing) is is much less popular than Instagram or Flickr for sharing Lego photos.
BuilderSomeone who creates with LEGO.
BURPBig Ugly Rock Piece. Technically described as Panel 4 x 10 x 6 Rock Rectangular.


CCClassic Castle or Corner Cafe. The Classic Castle was an iconic lego set built in 1978 There was also a series of sets based on the classic Castle. CC may also stand for Cafe Corner, and LEGO creator Modular set released in 2007
Cheese GraterPart number 61409 Technically it is an 18 degree 1×2 slope with 4 slots.
Cheese Slopea 1×1 sloped tile. 33 degree angle. Named as such because it looks like a little wedge of cheese.
Clone BrandsGenerally hated by true LEGO fans. Clone brands are not true LEGO but may look and feel like the original brick. Often times these pieces and sets are much less expensive, but not up to the same quality standards as original LEGO bricks. See Lepin
Clutch PowerClutch power is the holding power between a stud and an anti stud. It is the force that holds LEGO elements together.
CMFCollectable Minifigure. Frenquently released as series of minifigures in bling bags, but also may be a 1 off release of a minfig for a comic con or other special event. Basically a more rare minifigure.
CollectorSomeone who saves and organizes LEGO, either in original packaging or open and in drawers. Similar to a Builder.
ConstractionGenerally found in Hero Factory, Bionicle, or large superhero Mechs, consracions are ball and joint elements.
COWCurved out Wedge Technically called Wedge 10 x 3 (left or right)
CracklinkJargon for Bricklink, an online website where you can buy individual LEGO parts and elements. Given this name because of the addictiveness of the site, and how easy it is to find pieces.
CSFClassic Space Forums Not commonly used as much.
Cult of LegoThe highest form of Lego Purist, keeping collecions dust free, taking parts orginization to extreme levels, and even eschewing the use of stickers (even if they are provided by LEGO). Also is the name of a book written by John Baichtal and Joe Meno published in 2011 and now outdated.
CustomA creation using non authentic or modified LEGO parts. It may be a combination, but is something a Purist or Cult member would never use.
CuusooNow Called Lego Ideas. I have no idea what it actually stands for (I believe it was actually a Japanese word) but was a project that allowed designers to create a project, collect votes and then it would be considered for production by LEGO.


Dark AgesA time in a person’s life when they stop building, collecting or playing with LEGO. Typically they move on to other pursuits, and either store or sell their bricks until they return to the Cult of LEGO.
Design IDA unique identifier number that is used by TLG to identify a specific element. Note this is for shape, not color.
DioramaAlso Called Dio, this is a build that is larger than 8×8 and usually is built around a simple theme.
DraftWhen a group of people all purchase multiple copies of the same set, then get together, and combine all the pieces into common elements, then distribute the all the parts, this is called a draft. This allows a person to get a large quantity of the same parts without having to invest in multipe copies of a set themselves.
DSSthe Dreaded Sticker Sheet. A cheap alternative used by LEGO insead of printed elements. Purists may use them, but Cult of Lego members never do.
DuploA larger scale LEGO series that is used for younger builders, typically ages 1 1/2 to 5. They are twice as big as regular LEGO blocks so they are much easier to handle by little hands.


ElementA name for ANY LEGO Piece
Erling1×1 brick with a single stud on the side and a tiny lip at the bottom. Designed by Erling Dideriksen in 1979 and is the basic element of SNOT consruction.


FAFOLSee also AAFOL – Female Adult Fan of LEGO
FBTBA LEGO Star Wars Fan site called From Bricks To Bothans
FFOLFemale Fan of Lego (any age)


Garbage BuildUsing different color elements or pieces, but following official instructions for part size and shape.
GBCGreat Ball Contraption – a small motorized machine made out of LEGO bricks that moves a small ball. Often times multiple GBCs are linked together.
Gray AgesA period of time where one retains a very slight interest in LEGO – generally leads to the Dark Ages.

Added decorations or parts that really don’t serve any function but increase realisim.

Gift With Purchase – A limited release “extra” that comes when you purchase from the LEGO store or website.


Half-Stud OffsetA legal building technique using jumpers or other elements that shift the building process one half stud from a traditional build.
HassenpinAn “L” shaped Technic element with 4 pins.
Headlight BrickSee Erling – a 1×1 brick with a single stud on the side and a tiny lip at the bottom.


IllegalA building technique that is not generally accepted. Usually involves stressing an element to make it fit. Before Erlings, a now illegal building technique involved taking a plate and placing it sideways between studs to make SNOT connections.
InventoryA parts List of a set. Often found on the side of a box, or in the instruction manual. Bricklink also has a database of inventories for all sets produced. Some refer to inventory as their own collection of parts.


Jumper PlateA jumper plate is typically considered to be a 1×2 tile with a center stud. There are other sizes however like the 2×2 jumper and others. Used for Half-Stud Ofset Building.


KFOLThe primary target Audience of LEGO. Boys ages 5-12. Stands for Kid fan of LEGO.
KRM- Keychain-removed minifigA minifigure that was once part of a LEGO keychain.


LANLego Ambassador Network. The LEGO company’s official way of recognizing adult fans and can provide support, ideas, and solutions for engaged groups and individuals.
LDDLego Digital Designer, a Windows based program that allows you to virtually build with LEGO.
LegalAn accepted building technique that does not stress the bricks or elements.
LEGO IdeasPreviously called Cuusoo, this is a way for fans to submit ideas for sets. If the sets gain enough popular votes, then they are considered for production by the LEGO group.
LegosAn unaccepted term. Please use LEGO as in all caps (it is a brand name) and as an adjective (as in LEGO bricks).
LepinA knock-off brand of fake LEGO
Licensed ThemeA series of LEGO sets that have been authorized by another media group – like Marvel or Disney.
LUGLEGO User Group. An in person (not on-line) gathering of AFOLs who get together to share builds, do Drafts, talk about LEGO and plan events.
LugBulkA perk of being a LUB member, this once a year program allows members to purchase bulk bricks and elements at reduced prices.
LURPLittle Ugly Rock Piece.


MacaroniA Round Corner 2 x 2 brick made popular by Emmett in the first LEGO movie.
MFShort hand for Minifigure
Micro ScaleThe next size down from Minifig Scale. I tend to think of this as the scale that minifigs would use if they were building LEGO things.
MicrofigA Microfig is 2 bricks tall and fits on a single stud. They also have a stud on top.
MiniDollThese figures are taller and more slender than a traditional minifigure. Often found in Friends sets or as Disney princesses, they are a different type of figure.
MinifigThe classic LEGO Person. Consisting of a head that fits on a stud (with a stud on top) a torso with articulating arms, claw hands that rotate, and leg elements that bend into an standing or sitting pose. Scaled at 4 bricks tall, there are more than 3655 different designs. All in all there have been more than 6 Billion minifigs produced since 1975
Minifig ScaleThe standard building scale in LEGO.
MISBMint In Sealed Box. The highest level of packaging in the nicest condition. Treasured by collectors.
MOCMy Own Creation. (pronounced “mock”) A build done without using instructions.
ModularThe series of recent buildings in the creator series that all connect toghether to make a street scene. Based on a 32×32 plate with technic pins located 1 stud high and 9 studs from the end to allow the modular buildings to connect.
ModulexAn older series of LEGO that was produced to target architects and designers.
MSRPManufacturer Suggested Retail Price.
MURPMini Ugly Rock Piece. Similar to BURPS and LURPs this element is called Rock Panel 8 x 8 x 6 Medium Symmetric


NanoFigA nano fig is even smaller than a micro fig. The easiest way to tell a nanofig from a microfig is that a nano fig does not have a stud on the head.
NLPNon Lego Person. A Muggle for LEGO. Usually uses the term Legos.
NPUNice Part Use – Often seen in the comments praising the special use of a specific part in a MOC.


PABPick a Brick. A section of the lego store, both in person and on;line where you can select individual elements to buy in bulk.
PAB WallA wall in a lego store with dozens of different pick a brick elements.
Parts PackTypicall a Poly bag with just elements of a common theme. Not a set, but a group of parts that can be used in Mocs of as Greebling, or for added decoration.
Plants from PlantsIn 2018, LEGO announced they wanted to move away from ABS and into more green materials to make LEGO elements. The first groupl of parts to be made of non ABS plastic are Plants from Plants which are made from sugar cane. They retain all the properties, and are authentic LEGO parts, indistinguishable from other elements.
Plate1/3 of a brick. 3 plates stacked together make a brick. This is the thinnest element of a block.
PolyBagA small LEGO set that comes in a plasic bag. Often times found near the checkout counter of stores like Target or Walmart. Sometimes they are promotional.
Power FunctionsA series of batery packs, electric motors, IR sensors and controllers to automate LEGO sets and creations.
PrintedA lego element with ink applied at the factory. Cult of LEGO members prefer these to stickers.
PuristSoneone who only uses authentic, unmodified Lego parts. Those of us in the Cult of Lego take this to the next level and don’t even use stickers.


Rainbow WarriorSomeone who builds using every color available. Also See Garbage Build
RetiredA set, or part, or element that is no longer produced by the LEGO group.
RLFMREGISTERED LEGO FAN MEDIA – a LEGO Influencer, or prominent blogger or YouTuber.
RLUGA local LEGO USER Group that is officially recognized by LEGO via the LEGO Ambassador Network.


S@H or SAHShop at Home. The official lego store on-line.
SetAn official product released by the LEGO Group, that contains parts, minifitures instructions and has a part number.
SHEFOLShe Fan of LEGO – see the other multiple terms for female fan of LEGO
SigfigA sigfig, is a minifig using elemens that look like the person who made it. Basically a little verision of yourself in LEGO.
SNOTStud not on top. A legal technique of building that allows for studs to face out rather than up. Typlically an Erhling brick is used to achieve this.
STAMPStickers across multiple pieces. Scorned by members of the Cult of LEGO.
SwooshableA term used to describe how easy it is to play with a set. Specifically a spaceship, or airplane. Imagine hoding the model and swishing it through the air. Making a swooshing noise is encouraged.


TechnicIntroduced in 1977, this is an official style of brick (like DUPLO) that uses axles, wheels, pins, and gears. See GBC for examples.
TFOLTeen fan of Lego. Someone who is outside the typical demographic (boys 5-12) years old but not an adult.
TileA plate element with only anti studs. it is smooth on top.
TLCThe LEGO Company
Travis BrickA 1×1 brick with studs on 4 sides invented by Travis Kunce. Commonly used for SNOT building.
TRUToys-R–Us a popular toy store chain that went out of business in the United States in 2018.


UCSAlso known as Ultimate Collector Series – a series of advanced models targeting older, experienced builders. Often in limited release.


Vignette or Vig:Traditionally a small lego scene built on a 8 x 8 stud plate. Similar to a Bignette or Diorama


Washing Machine BrickSee Erling Brick
WIPWork in Progress. Typcially a MOC bur sometimes refered to for sets, vignettes, or dioramas.


YFOLYoung Fan of LEGO

If you know of a term that isn’t in this online LEGO Dictionary, please help us out by leaving a comment below.