LEGO Part 2×2 Brick Corner Black


This is the LEGO Part 2×2 Brick Corner Black

This is one of those interesting pieces that works great connecting two right angle walls together.  It’s an amazing L shaped piece.

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the LEGO Part 2×2 Brick Corner Black in color.

A LEGO Part 2×2 Brick Corner Black is a four-sided brick that is designed to be used at the corner of a LEGO model or structure. It is made of durable plastic and is colored solid black. The brick is 2 studs wide and 2 studs long on each side, with a height of 3 plates (or the height of a standard LEGO brick).

The corners of the brick are angled at a 90-degree angle, making it ideal for creating corners and angles in LEGO models. It has 3 studs on the top surface, which can be used to attach other LEGO elements, such as plates or minifigures, and 3 hollow tubes on the underside, which can connect with other LEGO bricks or plates.

This part is widely used in various LEGO models, including buildings, vehicles, and other structures, as it allows builders to create sharp corners and angles in their designs.

This is an official LEGO® part.  All my parts are sourced from either new sets or reputable sources.

 Verified 100% original.

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