LEGO Eleven Minifigure


The  LEGO Eleven  Minifigure comes in an individual bag disassembled.   Verified 100% Original.

Official Minifigure Number: st001

Head:  Light Flesh Minifigure, Head Female, Reddish Brown Eyebrows, Peach Eyeshadow, Magenta Lips, Smile Showing Teeth Pattern – Hollow Stud

Hair:  Light Flesh Minifigure, Head Female Dark Brown Eyebrows, Dark Orange Wrinkle Between Eyes, Peach Lips Pattern – Hollow Stud

Torso:  Blue Torso Jacket over Bright Pink Dress with White Collar and Dark Pink Detail Pattern / Blue Arms / Light Flesh Hands

Legs:  White Hips and Medium Legs

Skirt:  Bright Pink Minifigure, Skirt Cloth with 4 Holes, Length 10mm

I’m passionate about Minifigs.  I only sell original LEGO minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.  Each minifigure is assembled, and bagged separately.


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Eleven or “El” is one of the main characters of the Stranger Things series.  She has some special powers like telekenesis, and the ability to move things with her mind, but it causes her discomfort and sometimes she can even bleed from her nose after a strenuous activity.

Her real name is Jane Hawkins.  Originally she escaped from the Hawkins National Laboratory.  We don’t know if she was born there, or if she was taken as a baby, but either way she was the subject of experiments and studies, and didn’t really know the world outside the walls of the laboratory.  She is friends with Mike, Lucas, & Dustin, and helped them find their friend Will who was trapped in the UpsideDown.


LEGO Eleven Minifigure appears in these sets:

  • 75810 The Upside Down (2019)


Eleven or “El” was raised entirely inside the Hawkins Laboratory and as a result she didn’t have a lot of socialization skills, or even know how to talk.  She was shy and afraid of people, so she escaped, and ran away.  But when she was found she became loyal to the people that helped her.  Protecting them with her powers if needed.  For over a year she lived with Chief Jim Hopper.


  • She was born in 1971
  • She is Dating Mike Wheeler

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