All the NEW LEGO Animal Crossing Sets

LEGO Animal Crossing Sets

The LEGO Group and Nintendo are teaming up to bring us five sets based on the popular Animal crossing game. I don’t know about you, but during the pandemic the only things that kept me sane were building LEGO sets and playing Animal crossing on my Switch. I’m excited to be able to recreate the popular video game series in my LEGO room!

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How I Review LEGO Sets

How I Review LEGO Sets

One of the biggest questions I get in the comments and on social media is: “Is the LEGO set worth it?”. LEGO sets can be expensive. Sure, a small ploybag can be gotten for under $10. but a Collectible minifigure starts at 4.95, and some of the biggest sets sell for $500 or more. This Post describes the criteria I use to Review LEGO Sets. I hope you find it helpful.

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LEGO Insiders December 2X VIP Points

LEGO December 2023 GWP

Are you a member of the FREE LEGO Insiders Program? It used to be called VIP (in case you didn’t know). Every so often LEGO offers double points or other promotions to you if you are. This month Insiders December 2X program gives you 2x Insider points for all purchases this weekend December 8-12 2023. This is in addition to their other FREE LEGO Gifts in December.

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LEGO Bouquet of Roses 10280

LEGO Bouquet of Roses Set

Dive into the romantic charm and detail of the Icons LEGO Bouquet of Roses set 10328, a stunning creation tailored for anone who wants to give (or receive) a dozen red roses. Whether you’re engaging in a sentimental building journey or offering it as a heartfelt gift, this enduringly crafted bouquet is a captivating idea, perfect for occasions such as Valentine’s Day or any other special moment.

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LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants

10329 TINY PLANTS set

Are you like me? Do you want to have plants and greenery around your house but just spend too much time in your LEGO room and forget about watering or caring for your plants? Then this new set from the Icons series is for you. LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants comes with 9 plants in 3 sizes and 3 categories, and you don’t have to work about watering them!

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